The fastest bunny in the world

No doubts, Speedy, the mascot of the speed4-school championships, what it takes to run as fast as possible through the speed4 parcours. Kids often ask Speedy where he actually comes from. Out of the woods, from the zoo or from a distant sport planet? The clumsy bunny shrugs his shoulders, because unfortunately he cannot talk. And to be honest, even our team at speed4 does not know where the bunny´s home is. All we remember is that the fluffy rabbit showed up one day during one of the speed4 finals in a beautiful little town near you. Since then, the fast bunny was with us in almost every speed4 final we have had. He cheers for the kids, hands over the certificates and prizes and even dances in order to get the kids warmed up before they compete. He likes goofing around and having fun with the kids, when he gets a chance he always runs through the speed4 parcours himself and sometimes challenges one of the parents or teachers too.