Speedy took the time to introduce you to some sports that he likes a lot. Of course there are still a lot of other options. If you want more suggestions or have a question, just send Speedy an email. He will be more than happy to help you pick out a fun sport that is good for you. Many of these sports are part of the speed4 finals. Some of the local sports clubs join us for a speed4 final and let you try the sport or teach you tricks and more. That way you can talk to the sports club and ask them all the question you or your parents might have.


I am sure you have all heard about tennis. In tennis, there is a small yellow hard rubber ball and a tennis racket. You also need at least two players. The idea is to get the ball from one side of the tennis court, over the net in the middle, to the other side. You can also have teams, two and two, play against each other, then it is called a double. Do you know any famous tennis players like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal? They started playing tennis when they were very young, probably your age.


Biking is definitely one of my favorite hobbies because you can do it everywhere, in the city or in the countryside. Who does not like to ride the bicycle when it is warm and nice weather? But did you know that there are many forms of cycling and competitions like the famous Tour de France? Or Mountain biking which I like to do a lot. Just remember protection and safety is the most important thing when doing any sport, so don’t forget your helmet.


Soccer is one of the most famous sports and you have probably played a lot, in school or with your friends in the back yard. Maybe you are even in your town´s soccer club. I might not be the best in soccer but my idol is Leonel Messi. He has even been to our event and dribbled the ball through the speed4 parcours and has now set a world record of only 5,125 sec. Everyone wants to beat his record but it is very difficult with a ball, I have tried it many times but I will keep trying until I am faster than him.

In soccer, two teams of 11 players each, play against one another, even here there is a large ball which is mostly covered with black and white squares and looks funny. Each team has a goal at the end of the field and have to protect the ball from going in.
Once a team shoots the ball in the opponent´s goal, they get one score and the one with the highest score after two half of 45 minutes each wins the game.


Hockey is another team sport, where two teams play against each other. You use a long wooden bat which looks like a “L” at the end. They have to run with the ball to the goal or shoot the ball from far into the opponent´s goal. There is different type of hockey, you can play hockey inside on rubber or wood floors, on grass outside, on rollerblades or even on ice. Isn´t that fun? Which one would you prefer to try?


In basketball there are two teams of five players and a large, mostly orange ball the teams have to throw in the basket of the opposing team. The basketball hoop hangs 3.05 meters high at each end of the basketball court. Most basketball players are very tall or can jump very high. Depending on the distant from where you shoot the ball through the hoops, you get either 3, 2 or 1 point each time.


Elastics game

I bet the elastics game is very popular at your school during lunch breaks, and especially the girls like it and are very good at it too. The idea is to hold up the long rubber band, different height depending on how good you are, and the third person jumps over the rubber band and even does different figures with the rubber band. There are songs and rhymes that kids sing while they are jumping over and around the rubber band. It takes a lot of energy and coordination to play this game, why not give it a try sometime?



Some of you certainly have a skateboard. Everyone has tried skateboarding, even when you only sit on it and race down the hill. Over the years, skateboarding has become a real sport in which it is not only about going fast but also about complicated tricks on obstacles. Make sure you use proper protection like a helmet and knee pads when you try it and be careful.


With handball you have a medium-sized, hard, rubber ball. You have to throw it into the goal and dribble it while you run with it towards the opponent´s goal. Two teams play against each other and each team has seven players. The game has two half of 30 minutes each. It is a very fast paced sport and takes up a lot of energy.