Expert Tips

Tip #1   A healthy diet – very important

Speedy knows that true, professional athletes eat healthy. The bunny himself is a huge fan of carrots, bananas and vegetables. Before he goes to a speed4 final, he eats a big bowl of cereals with milk. Of course, from time mto time Speedy nibblles on a nutty chocolate bar he likes. After all, who moves around a lot, needs a lot of energy. And you can get energy from very healthy things like fruits and vegetables but also from sweets.






Tip #2   Warming up before exercise is part of the game

When Speedy gets ready for any sport or to start at the speed4 parcours, he finds a way to warm up his muscles, just like true athletes do. He likes to shake and loosen his muscles before he does about 20 jumping jacks. He sometimes puts on a fun song and moves to the music, jumping up and down and pulling his knees up to his chest and swinging his arms in big circles.




Tip #3   Concentration in sports is as important as it is for a school test

Speedy has notices that the kids get nervous before they start the speed4 parcours and look around watching other or waving at their parents. It is very important to be focus and concentrated on your performance in the speed4 parcours. Get in the right position on the start line, look straight ahead at the light and be prepared to start running when the light turns green. Every second counts and a good start is half the race. Ready, set and gooooooooooooo.






Tip 4#   Standing still is boring

Even if Speedy is waiting for his start, he knows a lot of good exercises and doesn´t stand still while he waits: he stands on one leg and counts to ten, then switches to the other leg. Pulling your knees up to your chest or touching your knees with the opposite elbow are just some of the exercises. The better you are prepared physically and mentally, the better race and performance you are going to have.





Tip #5   Cheering for others is a lot of fun

Speedy loves to hear the cheers from everybody in the crowd when he runs through the speed4 parcours, the louder the better. He believes that you run a lot faster if you having someone cheering for you and screaming your name, or a very loud applause. Try and bring all your family, and friends to a speed4 event or any other sports event you participate in to make some noise for you. It will give you confidence and the whole atmosphere is a lot more fun with people cheering for each other.